I want to thank you for all your help and support you have given me over my court case. I truly believe that you have worked with every tiny piece of evidence in order to get me the very best possible outcome. I’m finding it difficult to articulate what I am trying to say, so I may as well be blunt about it … If I hadn’t enlisted your help I don’t think I’d be where I am now. You have dealt with my case with the utmost sensitivity and compassion. I worked in the industry where customer service was essentially what I sold and believed in and the level of service you offer to your clients is absolutely outstanding. Overwhelming even. The situation I created and found myself in has passed judgment from every person I know in my life, whilst I understand I am paying for a service, from you it wasn’t about being paid. Every single element was dealt with by you personally and with immediate response. You have metaphorically held my hand through one of the worse periods in my life. For which I am eternally grateful. I am full of admiration for the work that you do but more importantly for the way in which you are so effortlessly personal and caring. I don’t know how we even came across your number to first contact you but I am absolutely delighted we did. Thank you Charles and I wish you even more success and happiness for the future.

Rose. H

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