Being charged by the police for a drink driving offence was the worst moment of my life.  I was in complete shock, devastated, embarrassed and distraught.  Having had no previous experience in this area (thank goodness) I had no idea what I should do next or how I should handle the situation I was in.  In a complete daze I googled specific lawyers for my offence and was met with a barrage of options, all claiming to be the biggest and the best.  There were the usual “big guns” with catchy names and I wrote down 6 options.  I called around 5 and left messages with secretaries who all promised they would get someone to call me back.  I called Charles because he didn’t have a slogan brand name and because he appeared to offer a more personal approach. When I called he answered the phone himself.  He took basic information that helped him assess the help I needed.  He advised me in plain English, in words I could understand and in a way that made sense to me.  He was not judgmental and didn’t make me feel like I had committed the worst crime on earth.  He gave me positive advice and tracked a clear path of options for me including a three tier price option.  Charles actually talked me into one of the cheaper options of the service he offers and I was completely happy with the recommendations he provided. Over the next 10 days we worked together by email to put together the paperwork required by the courts.  Charles was excellent at getting back to me, returning calls and replying to emails.  The whole process was made as pleasant as possible and it helped me deal with my shame to have such a good lawyer to help me.  He was also considerably cheaper than most of the other big talking companies. Charles provides excellent, calm, sensible advice that will certainly raise your chances in court.  The courts looked favourably on me and gave me the best possible outcome in terms of sentence. Whilst I hope, in the nicest possible way, that I never have to deal with Charles again I cannot recommend him highly enough.  If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in need of a specialist driving offence lawyer then Charles is definitely the man for you.

RG, Devon

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