If you have a motoring conviction problem then I would fully recommend you contact Charles Stansfield. My 21 year old son is a civil engineer. He has an HGV and his job entails a lot of driving. If he lost his licence he would, quite simply, lose his job! He already had 3 points on his licence from a speeding offence in his car early in 2013. At the end of 2013 the stupid boy seemed in danger of accumulating a 12 point total. He was again stopped for speeding, (36mph in a 30 limit) and, in a seperate incident, his lorry was checked at the roadside and found to be overloaded on the rear axle and on its total weight, two seperate charges and we were informed it would be 3 points for each offence. With the further 3 for the latest speeding, he would have 12 points and lose his licence. I have 2 things in life that I don`t trust. One is the internet, the other is solicitors. Solicitors who advertise on the internet would rate even higher! Looking for some reliable information about the likely outcome of my son`s case, the following Saturday afternoon I, quite by chance, came across the name of Charles Stansfield who, apparently, would give advice on motoring convictions. I almost didn`t bother, then thought, "It`s Saturday afternoon, I won`t hear anything till Monday at the earliest. Then it will be from some junior clerk who wants my bank account details and then an account of what happened, in that order." So I put my phone details in. Less than an hour later the phone rang. It was Charles Stansfield. I gave an account of the situation. His whole manner was calm and reassuring. He didn`t mention money, he just gave advice! He was adamant that, contrary to what I had already been told, overloading is not an endorsable offence so my son would not be given points. By the time CharlesStansfield had eased my worries it was me who suggested that I owe him something for his help. His advice was that the course of action was entirely up to me and, while it wouldn`t be worth our while his appearing in court for us, if I wanted him to write a letter on my son`s behalf just to make sure that the Clerk of Courts was fully aware that this was a non-endorsable offence, he would do that for a very modest fee. We agreed on this course of action but I should further point out that I was further impressed by the fact that he did not write us a letter and then take the attitude of, "There`s your letter. You handle it." He took control of the whole situation and, literally, all we had to do was sit back and wait for the judge`s decision which was exactly as Charles Stansfield had said, a fine but no points. He sounds, from our phone conversations, quite a guy, this Charles Stansfield. Certainly down to earth and knows his stuff. I may add, to end the saga, that my son was given the option of a speed awareness course for his second speeding offence so still only has 3 points on his licence. I hope he`s learned his lesson and I won`t be needing to contact Charles Stansfield again. But I`ll keep his number just in case!


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