Charles was excellent, always appraised me of the best way forward with agreed costs. I totally recommend the services of Charles Stansfield. My case alleged hitting a cyclist off his bike and I was charged with Driving without due care and attention, Failure to Stop, Failure to Report. I represented myself at the Magistrates’ Court and after advice from a legal type friend pleaded guilty to Driving without due care on the basis of the witness evidence and not guilty to the two charges Failure to Stop/Report. The plea bargaining with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) hit a brick wall. I was only asked if I was representing myself. The court set a trial date. At this point I contacted Judith and Charles Stansfield called me back – after reviewing the case details, Charles took the case. We agreed a fee based on a two-phase approach, 1. Investigation and negotiation with CPS 2. Representation in Court. Charles managed to get the CPS to drop the more severe charges of Failure to Stop/Report and the trial date was cancelled and the case referred back to the Traffic Magistrates Court. On the day we met up early and Charles put me completely at ease and outlined the approach he would take in court – basically I was unaware of any accident, incident or commotion and there was no damage, scratch or mark on my car/wing mirror. The result was 3 penalty points on my license and a nominal fine of £95. This was the minimum sentence and points. Charles also obtained costs from Central Funds to be awarded in my favour. I was pleased with the outcome and I am convinced that without Charles intervention with the CPS the case would have gone to trial and I may have lost my license.

LBH, Chester

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