Charles Stansfield was highly recommended to me by a friend in the UK. I can honestly say that he not only lived up to my friend’s expectations but clearly surpassed them! While visiting my parents who reside in Wilmslow I was convicted of two speeding offences during a trip to Wales. All correspondence from the police was sent to my parent’s home. As an ex-pat living in the United States it was obviously difficult dealing with the situation from 3,000 miles away. By the time I contacted Charles the fines and penalties had escalated to over 1,400 pounds! Charles managed the whole case for me. I didn’t even have to make a phone call and he kept me informed in a timely fashion throughout the whole ordeal. He arranged for another court date and after a few discussions with the magistrate got the convictions overturned! I had to pay no fines or penalties! As you can imagine I would highly recommend Charles Stansfield to anyone with a motoring conviction.

Barry Pigot, Orlando, Florida

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