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Dangerous Driving – Durham – Not Guilty Dangerous Driving – Durham – Not Guilty 

I contacted Hoj, and he was down to earth and a good guy to deal with. He was always responsive and he’s never off his phone, always available by phone, text, email or WhatsApp. It was critical I had someone like him on my side, as the Police were unwilling to listen and belittled me. As soon as I had Hoj on board, they immediately realised that there was something to win this case for me. If I did not have him there is no way I would have been successful on this case, as he was always a few steps ahead, to the point the prosecution had no chance but to back track. I kept my licence and I can continue my business all thanks to him.

Mr. K – Preston Magistrates Court – Failing to identify driver – Case Dismissed

'Thank you for the service you provided. I am happy with the outcome. I will surely recommend your services to my friends.'

Mr. L – Stockport Magistrates Court Magistrates Court – Drink Driving

Thank you, also, for your invaluable assistance with my sons legal case. Since the incident my son has been a very troubled soul so your positivity and professionalism was a blessing.The Courts’ sentence was, thankfully, lenient; I expected something far worse, so we are very grateful to you for being there to assist our son in navigating a passage through this disconcerting process.

Mrs. B and Mr. B – Crewe Magistrates Court – Excess Alcohol - Guilty Plea – Minimum Sentence

Hojol, We cannot thank you enough as parents for the patience and understanding you have shown our family. We are certainly extremely pleased with the outcome you achieved. All the best.

Mr. R – Manchester Magistrates Court – Multiple Speeding Offences – Exceptional Hardship (Totting Up) – 6 Month Disqualification Avoided

I would highly recommend the service provided by Mr Uddin, to anyone who requires representation for a driving offence. I had gone from a clean licence to accruing five speeding offences in the space of a month at pretty much the same place, and despite trying to get someone to understand the circumstances behind this and how to deal with it I felt there was limited help available.

Mr Uddin’s knowledge and expertise were invaluable to me and my case, and the support he gave help me deal with the situation. Mr Uddin’s preparation and analysis was a crucial part of my defence, he presented a really strong case in an application for ‘exceptional hardship’ at the court and thankfully we were successful. This has meant my now my job is now safe and I owe all of this to Mr Uddin for his hard work and professionalism.

Mr. C – Cambridge Magistrates Court – Failing to provide a specimen of breath – Custodial Sentence Avoided

Following receiving a court summons giving me 3 working days to answer and prepare a defence for charges in relation to failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis and possession of a class A controlled drug, within minutes I was contacted by Mr Uddin who was Highly knowledgeable very informative and understanding of my predicament, he agreed to represent me and worked very unsociable hours over a weekend to assure no time was lost in preparing my case.

Upon receiving my summons I was in a state of high panic and anxiety and fear for the future, Mr Uddin was brilliant in giving me the help and confidence I needed to face the charges, it was enormous relief to know I had someone on my side, the law, my position and likely outcome was fully explained to me. On the day of court everything was absolutely brilliant in every way, he explained my case to the court expertly and as a sole result of this I achieved the best possible result.

I can’t praise or recommend Motoring Offences highly enough I am enormously grateful for the work they did, if anyone is to find themselves in any similar circumstances I would advise them to contact them immediately.

Thanks To Mr Uddin I can put this whole business behind me and move on.

Ms. F – Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court – Totting Up – 6 month Disqualification Avoided

The service I received from Hojol Uddin, was sensitively handled, highly competent, professional, timely and efficient. The advice, guidance and support was excellent, well communicated and expertly executed.” The result was positive.

Mr. G – Cwmbran Magistrates Court – Failing to Give Information – Not Guilty – Charge Withdrawn

I want to thank you very much for your help with everything. I will definitely highly recommend you to anyone else, the way you dealt with the case within the short time frame and with the desired outcome was unbelievable.

Mr. A - Liverpool Magistrates Court – Failing to Provide a specimen for analysis – Mandatory 12 Month Disqualification Avoided

'Once again I would like to thank Hojol for all what he done for me, I was really worried but he made sure everything would be fine. I failed to provide a specimen at the police station. And was told I will get 12 months minimum ban. However, I received 4 months in the end with a lesser charge. I am really happy with the customer service and I would definitely recommend Hojol for any driving offence'.

Five Speeding Offences – Nottingham - Disqualification of 12 months reduced to 9 months

Hoj, you are the man thank you so much great to see you. I knew you would get the job done. You were right the Magistrates did treat me differently as a footballer and imposed a longer disqualification than they should have. It was an interesting experience of the UK justice system thanks for fighting for me. Stay in touch my friend.

Failing to Give Information –Manchester Magistrates Court – Case Withdrawn

‘I found Hojol to be very professional, helpful, always got back to me in a timely manner and clearly explained everything to me.

He got me the best outcome possible and would certainly work with him again and would thoroughly recommend him’

Excess Speed – Warrington – Totting Up Disqualification of 6 months avoidedExcess Speed – Warrington – Totting Up Disqualification of 6 months avoided

Hi Hojol

Thank you very much for your help in this matter , very much appreciated and expertly done.

Thank you for also running me back to the office.

DVLA Prosecution (Uninsured and Unlicensed Vehicle) – Lancaster Magistrates Court - Cases Dismissed

Thank you so much for your speedy response in the late hours. I thought I was going to receive a criminal conviction. Although they were minor offences, I could do without the headache of having to declare them when I’m travelling to the US, Mortgage applications, loans etc. You were able to have the matter resolve swiftly which resulted in the case being dealt with out of court, with no conviction and not having to travel all the way to Lancaster.

Mr. G – Westminster Magistrates Court – Racial Chanting and Public Order – Not Guilty Plea – Acquittal after trial

Hoj, thank you from all of my family. Having represented my wife in Banbury a number of years earlier, I didn’t think we would have to call you again but I am glad I did. You have been a rock since I contacted you and all those conversations of support you gave me and my family.

It was a traumatic experience being accused of a crime I did not commit. We are all enjoying a meal together, the first as a family since December after the incident and the publicity surrounding it. Had I been convicted I would have lost my reputation, business and I would not have been able to watch my sons play football at their clubs. From the start you knew exactly what you wanted to do, remove one of the witnesses, exclude evidence for a confession I didn’t make amongst other matters. On the day of trial, everything that we said could happen did and I have to say this was down to you entirely, even when the prosecutor decided to add another charge. After the whole case we won and this experience can be put at the back of our lives now.

Top class representation. All the best.

Mr. S – Bromley Magistrates Court – No Insurance – Not Guilty Plea – 6 Month Disqualification Avoided and Case Dismissed

What can I say Hojol, you have lived up to your reputation between my circle of friends. I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you very much for the hard work you put in for me for my case. The time and effort you put in really made the difference and I’m very grateful for everything you have done, you went above and beyond for me to win the case and I genuinely believe no one else would of been able to get the result you got. Much appreciated.

Mr. C – Llanelli Magistrates Court – Excess Speed – Disqualification of 6 months for Totting up avoided

Thank you for the good advice and obtaining a great result avoiding a disqualification from driving. I have been telling, my friends and family, how exceptional your representation was from start to finish. Great service and great result.

Mr. C Failing to Give Information Manchester Magistrates Court Acquittal and Avoided 6 month Disqualification

Hojol made every effort to make sure he fully understood my situation and the case he was dealing with. I contacted him with only 4 days to go before my Hearing and I was pleasantly surprised that throughout the course of the weekend he was contacting me so to make sure he had everything he needed to take to court.

I used solicitors for a driving licence issue, the service I got was second to none. I had already been convicted 3 days earlier for the same offence unrepresented before Manchester Magistrates Court. I was now at risk of being convicted again but at risk of a ban. Hojol made every effort to make sure he fully understood my situation and the case he was dealing with. I contacted him with only 4 days to go before my Hearing and I was pleasantly surprised that throughout the course of the weekend he was contacting me so to make sure he had everything he needed to take to court. He made me feel totally relaxed with his manner and the way he spoke to me not like your typical solicitor. Even when the case was over which we won his level of high service did not stop there by ensuring and even walking me to the taxi rank. I would 1000000% recommend these to anybody.

Thank you

Mrs H - Manchester Magistrates Court- Failing to Give information and Speeding - Case Dismissed

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided whilst dealing with my motor offence case.

I was referred to Hojol by my husband’s friend who is a solicitor. Hojol represented us and the work he did was invaluable. It was an extremely stressful time for myself and my family, Hojol put us at ease from the first phone call and all throughout the case. I would recommend him and Motoring Offences to anybody requiring legal advice. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and advice. Your patience and level of expertise got us through a very tough time

Mr S - Cardiff Magistrates - Careless Driving - Case Discontinued

As a life long Biker and someone who has been totally in to bikes for the biggest part of my life I should like to share a bad experience with "The Boys in Blue" Allegedly on the 28th May 2017 I overtook an unmarked Police car on double white lines on the Usk road

It is unlike me to put myself in a vulnerable position. I spoke to my insurance company who confirmed that I had Road Halo on my policy. (This turned out to be the best thing I have ever done). I contacted them and spoke to a gentleman named Hoj. He checked my policy and confirmed that I was in safe hands. If ever there was a man who knows his job(This was Him). He took on this case and went that little bit further. I received numerous phone calls many of them being after working hours, evenings etc etc. I was due to appear in court on the 19th March 2018 but on the 16th March I received a Phone call from Hoj telling me that as a result of his negotiations all charges against me had been dropped and that I need not attend on the 19th. I cannot thank Hoj enough.

Mr. N – Chorley Magistrates Court and Warrington Magistrates Court – Excess Speed and Failing to Give Information(Multiple Cases Including Trials

When I first became aware of my driving issues I approached a company famous for resolving such issues however the price quoted was excessively high. As a result I asked a contact in the legal profession in Manchester who recommended Motoring Offences and as a result I met with Hojol.

From the first message sent the speed of response was extremely fast and the suggested fees very reasonable. I attended a meeting with Hojol and provided the complex paperwork and explanation of the situation. The manner in which he took in the detail, broke down the challenges and established the route to take was excellent and ultimately I believe significantly to my advantage in resolving the issues. Without such clarity of thought, calmness and understanding I would have had a very different result.

During all subsequent communication Hojol was clear and ensured each different issue was dealt with in a timely manner that worked to my best advantage. I also found he was very accessible at all times despite having other cases to consider.

I also found that when in the court environment Hojol knew what to do, who to talk to and when to help the outcome, without stepping over any boundaries.

The outcome of my cases was better than I could have ever anticipated and as per the above without question would have been much worse without the advice provided. From a situation that looked challenging at best I obtained a very good result.

I would recommend Hojol without any hesitation whatsoever to anyone requiring assistance in similar cases. Further I cannot express my gratitude enough in the way he dealt with and remained calm whilst dealing with what was an extremely stressful situation.

Miss. H – Leeds Magistrates Court – DVLA Prosecutions – Unlicensed Vehicle

I would like to take the opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude to Hojol for all his help with my case.

Upon finding out about my case, I received copious amounts of conflicting advice. It was quite clear that many legal professionals were unsure about my position and I was unable to find anybody who had experience and knowledge of my particular case.

As a teacher by profession, I could not afford to receive two criminal convictions when attending court. Although I had been advised by some professionals that I would not get a conviction, I contacted a friend at Motoring Offences, Catherine O’Rourke, who recommended Hojol without hesitation.

I learned more about my case in a 5 minute phone conversation with Hojol than I had done in a week of research and contact with other professionals. It was exceptionally evident that Hojol is an expert in motoring Law, who offers invaluable advice to clients. It was clear after the conversation with Hojol that as things stood, I would receive two criminal convictions. I was highly distressed at the thought of how these convictions would affect my teaching career and Hojol was entirely empathetic towards my situation.

As promised by Hojol, he did his absolute upmost to ensure the very best outcome for me. Before attending court, Hojol managed to agree an out of court settlement with the DVLA, something which I had been informed was not possible. When attending court to make a statutory declaration, Hojol’s knowledge and confidence was invaluable. He made the whole court experience straightforward, stress-free and successful. Not only did Hojol ensure I received no convictions, he also managed to reduce my fine by a substantial amount.

I am eternally grateful to Hojol for all he has done and I would recommend him without reservation. He truly deserves his excellent reputation.

Mr. L – Bath Magistrate Court – Trial – Failing to Give Information - Case withdrawn

Hoj, Thank you so much for the representation in my case. You did exactly what you said you would do for me but made it clear that there were no guarantees. You went above and beyond representation at short notice and I thank you for this. I know where to come next time when I am in a spot of bother.

Mr. H – Cardiff Magistrates Court – Trial – Drink Driving - Case Dismissed

Thank you for Hojol Uddin

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you did for my son, he feels like a weight has been lifted and he is so much happier than he has been since May. I have been singing your praises to everyone and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services, you were recommended to my ex-husband by JB. You were so professional and approachable always happy to answer any questions we had, you put us at ease and we were happy to put our trust in you. We were so worried our son would lose his licence and his career due to his wrongful arrest and charge of drink driving. We will always be eternally grateful to you Hojol for fighting our corner and would have no hesitation in recommending your services”

Once again Hojol thank you so much for everything you did for my son.

Mr. K - Managing Director - Bradford Magistrates Court - Failing to Give Information and Speeding x 2

Motoring offences are a difficult and confusing area of law, and with so much conflicting information on the internet from so-called experts, it was a great relief to get clear, concise and expert advice from Hojol.

He dispelled quite a few myths, cut through the legal jargon, and provided a very no-nonsense course of action – and I was very pleased with the outcome, which was exactly as he predicted it would be. Thanks!” In the nicest possible way, I hope I don’t need you again!

Mr PT, DVLA Medical Revocation - Licence Returned

"I have dealt with Hojol Uddin now over a period of 3/4 years and found him extraordinarily helpful with advice on the telephone and face to face with consultations...

My problems as a 70 + year old driver have related to the DVLA and visual field and acuity issues raised by them after principally being sent to specsavers and previously following Hojol's advice initially got a 1 year group 1 licence and just very recently after a further revocation by the d v l a taking Hojol's advice have just had 3 year licence issued after a reapplication supported by Hojol. He has at all times been very approachable and supportive and I would have no hesitation in recommending him."

Using Mobile Phone Whilst Driving - Bromley Magistrates Court - Case Dismissed

Professionalism and determination was used throughout my case, thanks to Hojol Uddin! I cannot praise or thank you enough.

Hojol took on my case where police officers accused me with using my mobile phone while driving - my case was taken to trial. Hojol done everything he could to prove I was not using my phone while driving and the outcome was MY CASE WAS DROPPED before the trial! This was amazing as Hojol saved me from gaining 3 points on my license and a fine. I highly recommended Hojol with confidence for any motoring offences as he gives his all to his clients. Thank you Hojol for your brilliant expertise skills - you are brilliant in what you do.

Drug Driving - North Cheshire Magistrates Court

I was in the education sector, and facing such charges would mean the end of my career due to the likelihood of a custodial sentence. Hojol has been an excellent Solicitor throughout.

Each time I attended court I felt more and more confident that Hojol would do the best job he could, which he did. In total I had two separate cases but with 5 charges. I was impressed by his knowledge and professionalism both inside and out of court. Hojol made all of my options very clear and gave sound guidance and advice. One of my charges (3 drugs ) were dropped during trial and with respect to a second charge I got the minimum sentence, but should have received significantly more. I was really pleased with the result. It was the best outcome I could expect under the circumstances and number of charges. I would definitely recommend Hojol as a Solicitor, he did what he said he would and exceeded my expectations. He is someone you would want on your side. Thank you

Avoiding Disqualification - Manchester Magistrates Court - 12 points and Exceptional Hardship

I must admit when I was first called to court I thought I would be able to defend myself without the need of help from a solicitor. However on taking advice from my daughter who works in the legal field I was advised it would be very difficult to proceed alone and she recommend your services as being recognised as one of the best in this area of law.

I would like to add how thankful I am for your dedicated work for me ,especially your attention to detail and to giving so much thought to the nuances of my case and developing arguments that I would simply not have thought of on my own. Your help on the day of the court case was invaluable as appearing in court was actually more daunting than I had imagined and your support and guidance helped me get a very satisfactory outcome . Once again many thanks and best wishes for the future. Dr I.S

Staffordshire Magistrates Court Speeding - Trial Disqualification Avoided.

"I was facing 3 counts of exceeding the speed limit, each due to the same speed camera, within a 1 week period...

Not only did I believe that I wasn't exceeding the limit, but due to the nature of my business and an existing 3 points, I was going to be liable for totting up and losing my licence for 6 months with the respective implications.

I made the dreadful mistake of researching online and using lots of advice, law, codes of practice and various forums, I made the foolish decision to try and defend myself. Arriving at trial with all my papers, photographs and supplementary reports, I was ridiculed by the CPS, clerk of court and the bench when I tried to present my defence. Fortunately, the CPS had failed to comply with the relevant time period for disclosure of material and I was able to apply for an adjournment. Much of my case was based upon the legality of the camera site and that it was therefore compromised.

I was told by the bench that I would need to present evidence from experts, which would cost an inane amount of money and that I should consider pleading guilty instead. The court were very insistent with this, verging on bullying me to plead guilty.

I stood my ground, got the case adjourned for trial and put the internet to good use this time. Researching the very best motoring solicitors in the UK. I narrowed it down to only 3.

One of the solicitors that I contacted was Hojol Uddin. The reason I selected him from so many others was due to his recommendations and obvious extensive knowledge of motoring law. From the initial telephone call with Hojol, I knew that I had made the correct choice. Immediately putting me at ease and explaining how and why the courts had said what they did and how he himself, plus several experts that he could refer to, would assist me in this case. Hojol also explained which laws, case law and practices had changed pertaining to the issues I had initially found and raised myself online. I was reassured and my anxiety waned.

Hojol kept me updated continually regarding his progress with the case, reports from his experts and his next steps. At no point was I unaware of what was happening. Even when one door closed, due to Hojols extensive experience and knowledge, he knew which door to turn to next. He is extremely tenacious and diligent with his work. He is also very honest and won't tell you something to make you feel better, or to try and earn more money from you.

Due to my working days and hours, Hojol also made himself available to me at weekends and even late at night on occasions. Definitely above and beyond what I and no doubt everyone else expected of him.

Cutting a very long story short, Hojol was able to wield his knowledge and influence of motoring law and a trial was avoided, with me only collecting 6 of a possible 9 penalty points.

I will only ever recommend 1 motoring solicitor and that is this man - Hojol Uddin. I really can't thank you enough."

Failure to provide information, Weymouth Magistrates Court

I appeared before Weymouth Magistrates Court for an offence of failing to give information and exceeding the speed limit. The process with the courts and our communication between Hojol was quick and to the point. Thanks for your all your help.

Lincoln Magistrates Court Failing to Give Information and Speeding - Disqualification avoidedLincoln Magistrates Court Failing to Give Information and Speeding - Disqualification avoided

'I was being prosecuted for two offences, A. For failing to give information and B. Exceeding the speed limit. I procrastinated on dealing with the matter and went into panic mode on the eleventh hour...

I was being prosecuted for two offences, A. For failing to give information and B. Exceeding the speed limit. I procrastinated on dealing with the matter and went into panic mode on the eleventh hour. I Googled and called a considerable number of 24/7 lawyers on the Sunday. I got various responses including call backs up to seven days later.

The response from Hojol was extra special. He gave loads of very helpful and informative advise for Free. He advised that "Failure to give information" was a greater offence than speeding and carried the potential of a greater penalty.

Hojol quoted his fee which was very good value and did not charge a penny more and kept me fully informed throughout.

He did a fantastic job, he managed to get the court to withdraw the "Failure to give information" and all I got was four points for exceeding the speed limit.

I highly recommend Hojol, he is a gentleman and nothing short of excellent.'

Mr. S Leeds Magistrates Court Drink Driving Case Dismissed

"I came across Hojol through an article I read. Also my partners father a former officer suggested I contact a Solicitor. Hojol was very helpful, which I found refreshing...

A lot of other firms I called told me I had no chance. It crossed my mind that someone this confident would cost a lot of money, but the fees were reasonable and these were explained clearly to me. Hojol prepared everything way in advance of both court dates which put my mind right at ease. He was very thorough and explained every possible outcome during my second court appearance. I admired the amount of work he put into preparing my case and the fact that he explained everything along the way. Hojol also answered any questions I had promptly and he was easy to get hold of, making it as stress free as possible. In Court he took advantage of every point and placed me in the best position, so much so that the case was dismissed without me having to give evidence proving that a pub car park was not a public place at the time of driving.

I would recommend Hojol to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation".

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