Totting Up Disqualifications Accumulating 12 Points or More

If you get to a position when you have 12 relevant points on your licence you will be liable to a MINIMUM DISQUALIFICATION OF SIX MONTHS. If you have one previous disqualification of 56 days or more, that minimum increases to one year and if you have two such previous disqualifications then the minimum becomes two years!

Before committing yourself to anything which may result in penalty points you must seek advice on the points which are already on your licence. You may think you are liable to totting up when you are in fact not.

Even if you are liable under the totting up provisions the law states that you may escape the usual punishment (i.e. six months minimum disqualification) if the court can be convinced “in all the circumstances” that there are grounds for mitigating the usual penalty.

Most cases of this type are under the heading of “exceptional hardship” but they need not necessarily be.

We have an extremely good record of successfully pleading “exceptional hardship” cases and also using wider grounds to avoid totting up bans.  We can tell you precisely what evidence is required including letters from employers, accountants etc.  It is extremely foolish not to prepare these cases correctly as one wrong word can ruin the whole defence position.

You need expert help as soon as possible.

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