Totting Up Disqualifications

Are you facing a driving disqualification after accumulating 12 points or more on your driving licence for separate offences?

Are you concerned that this totting up disqualification will have a serious impact on your life and livelihood, above and beyond the basic inconvenience caused by not being able to drive?

Do you require legal advice and support from an experienced specialist team of motoring offence solicitors, with extensive expertise in helping clients to avoid damaging driving disqualifications?

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How Can We Help?

Our motoring offences team have more than 100 years of combined experience in this area of law. We have been representing clients since 1978 and dealt with thousands of cases, making us the most experienced motoring offences team in the country. is part of JMW Solicitors, and members of our team have been accredited by respected organisations such as Chambers and the Legal 500. We have a strong track record of helping drivers to avoid disqualifications by putting together robust legal defences.

Examples of our work include:

  • helping a managing director to avoid a totting up disqualification after accumulating five different speeding offences on the same road, due to the consequences this would have on their business
  • assisting a sales manager in avoiding a driving disqualification after multiple offences of speeding and failing to give information, resulting in more than 30 points being added to their licence
  • ensuring a builder avoided a ban after accumulating numerous offences, due to the impact this would have on their subcontractors and customers

If you are facing a totting up disqualification, we will help you to mount the strongest possible defence by:

  • helping you deal with all the relevant paperwork
  • advising you on finding the best evidence to support your position
  • representing you in court and helping you argue your case as persuasively as possible

We attend courts across England and Wales and can take instructions by phone, email or in writing. This ensures that our services are as convenient and easy to access for our clients nationwide.

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Can I Avoid a Totting Up Disqualification?

The most common way of avoiding a totting up disqualification is to put forward an exceptional hardship argument. This means that the defendant will need to demonstrate to the court that a driving ban would have a disproportionately significant impact on their wellbeing and others, due to aspects of their personal and professional circumstances.

Examples of factors that are often used to support exceptional hardship arguments include:

  • potential loss of employment due to the job relying on the use of a vehicle
  • the potential impact a driving ban could have on the wellbeing of the defendant’s business and employees
  • the impact of a driving ban on the wellbeing of the defendant’s family members or personal relationships
  • care responsibilities for elderly, disabled, sick or vulnerable individuals that would be impacted by the defendant’s loss of mobility

Accepting an exceptional hardship argument and waiving a driving disqualification is done entirely at the discretion of the courts, which is why it is vital for anyone making such an argument to seek expert legal advice on how to put across a persuasive case, based on solid evidence and clear lines of reasoning. can give you the best possible chance of demonstrating exceptional hardship, should any of these scenarios apply to you.

What are the Penalties for Getting 12 Points on Your Licence?

If you accumulate 12 or more penalty points on your driving licence within a period of three years, a court hearing will be arranged, where the appropriate penalty will be determined:

Unless you can provide a strong defence, you will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of six months.
If you have previously been disqualified from driving for a period of 56 days or more within the three-year period, you will instead be handed a 12-month driving ban.
If you have previously been disqualified from driving for a period of 56 days or more on multiple occasions within the three-year period, you will receive a two-year driving ban.

A lengthy driving ban can have a severe impact on an individual’s personal life or career prospects, especially if their work depends on being able to commute. With our years of experience, we can help you build the best possible defence and secure a reduced penalty you - or avoid disqualification entirely.

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