Speeding Offences

With speed cameras springing up like weeds no motorist can be complacent. Even a driver who has no intention of speeding can get caught out. It happens once and then it seems to just keep on happening: before you know it you are facing a ban.

You can even face a ban if you have a clean driving licence when your speed is substantially over the limit. It is therefore important not to suffer points if you don’t need to.  In camera cases the police normally serve a notice on the registered keeper of the vehicle requiring that person to name the driver. This is the only way they can try to prove the identity of the driver at the time of the alleged offence.

Penalties can apply if the information is not provided but there are defences available.
Speeding carries a range of points (3-6) and even a ban. You may not realise that the National Sentencing Guidelines suggest consideration of a ban for a speed as low as 41mph. in a 30mph. limit.

The police arsenal against you includes a variety of cameras, static or mobile, laser, sensor activated devices and equipment such as VASCAR, PILOT and even the good old speedometer.

It is vitally important to know where the prosecution weaknesses lie and take advantage of them.


Penalty points (3-6) and possible disqualification plus fine.

For more information please read the following National Sentencing Guidelines:

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