Speeding Offences

Have you been caught exceeding the speed limit in your vehicle, and are now worrying about how to contest the charges?

Are you facing a costly speeding fine, or the addition of points to your driving licence that might send your insurance premiums spiralling? Worse, are you now at risk of a driving ban that will undermine your livelihood and wellbeing?

Are you therefore looking for legal advice and support from an experienced specialist team of speeding offence solicitors who can help you defend against the charges?

If so, you should get in touch with the experts at MotoringOffences.com as soon as possible. We have dealt with countless motoring offence clients, including thousands of speeding cases, and can offer you the legal representation you need to get the charges dropped.

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How Can We Help?

MotoringOffences.com is part of JMW Solicitors, and ours is the most experienced motoring offences team in the country. Our solicitors been representing clients since 1978 and have more than 100 years of combined experience, dealing with thousands of speeding cases.

Accredited by such respected organisations as Chambers and the Legal 500, our specialist speeding solicitors have a proven track record of obtaining favourable outcomes for our clients, including:

  • helping a motorist accused of driving at 88 mph in a 40 mph zone to avoid a disqualification after demonstrating errors with the police evidence
  • helping an individual who accumulated 15 speeding tickets to avoid a totting up disqualification
  • ensuring an allegation of excess speed, which the defendant denied, was dismissed due to inconsistent evidence

We will assist and support you through every stage of what can be a time-consuming and stressful legal process, including:

  • helping you deal with all the relevant paperwork
  • gathering evidence to support your position
  • advising you on the best defence approach and keeping you updated on the ongoing process
  • representing you in court and arguing your case in front of a judge or magistrates

We attend courts across England and Wales and can take instructions by phone, email or in writing. In many cases, we have been able to persuade the prosecution to drop the case before having to go to court.

Call us on 0345 241 1326 for your free initial consultation, and we will be able to offer a clearer picture of the costs involved.

How Can I Avoid a Speeding Fine?

Avoiding a speeding fine may be possible under the following circumstances:

  • the speed reading used to support the charge against the motorist was incorrect, due to faulty equipment or human error
  • the device used to record the speed was not government-approved
  • the speed limit signage on the road in question was not in place, or was defective
  • the speed recorded was attributed to another vehicle

Even if the speeding verdict is upheld, there are a number of ways in which you can avoid a disqualification or get a more lenient sentence. These include:

  • proving to the court that you would suffer exceptional hardship if disqualified from driving, due to your personal circumstances
  • demonstrating mitigating circumstances, known as “special reasons”, to explain why you were speeding, such as a defect with your vehicle or an emergency situation

By successfully arguing this case, you may be able to reduce the number of points or disqualification you receive, or keep the cost of the fine down to a minimum.

What Happens if I am Found Guilty of Speeding?

The court could add between three and six points to your driving licence, or impose a driving disqualification ranging from seven days up to two years, depending on your prior record.

The size of the fine depends on a number of factors, including:

  • your annual income
  • the speed limit on the road in question
  • the degree to which you were found to be exceeding that limit

The total fine can reach up to £1,000 - increasing to a potential £2,500 for offences committed on the motorway. You may also receive additional points on your driving licence, or potentially face an immediate driving ban.

These penalties can jeopardise an individual’s personal and professional lives, especially if their work depends on being able to commute. This is why it is essential to speak to an experienced solicitor to help you put forward a strong defence.

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