New/Young Drivers

A few years ago legislation was passed to make it automatic that a “New Driver” who got up to six points within the first two years of having passed a driving test would automatically go back to square one and have to re-take the entire driving test.

This can cause great difficulties for new or recently qualified drivers who rely upon their driving licences for work.

We have persuaded courts throughout the country to take a particular course of action when faced with one of these situations which is the only way to avoid going back to square one.

If you are a “New Driver” and are likely to get up to six points you must contact us immediately.

If you already have three points, in certain circumstances we may advise you not to accept the fixed penalty as this would automatically lead to you going back to square one.

The rules are so severe that you must – CALL US STRAIGHT AWAY.

Talk to our team who are on hand to help you


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