Driving without Insurance 

You can get into trouble with insurance either as the driver or owner of a vehicle.  The owner can be prosecuted for permitting someone else to drive without insurance.

Once the prosecution allege that you had no insurance it is for YOU to PROVE THAT YOU DID.

There is a special defence for an employee in particular circumstances.

“Special Reasons” can be pleaded if you can show that you had been misled into believing you were insured. This can save you from either a ban or penalty points.

Courts take no insurance cases very seriously and are often looking for a chance to disqualify for it. If they don’t ban they will order a lot of penalty points.

You need expert help when you are accused of any offence involving no insurance.


Penalty points (6-8) and possible disqualification + a fine.

For more information please read the following National Sentencing Guidelines:
No insurance
Causing death by driving (unlicensed, disqualified or uninsured drivers)

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