DVLA Medical Revocation of Driving Licence

Have you had your group 1 or group 2 driving licence revoked by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for medical reasons, and feel that this decision was unjustified?

Are you concerned that this decision will have a negative impact on your overall quality of life, undermining your independence and your ability to continue your career and personal relationships?

Are you seeking to overturn the decision, and require expert legal representation from experienced solicitors to help you put together a strong case?

If so, call the experts at MotoringOffences.com. We are the most experienced motoring offence solicitors in the UK, and can help you to achieve the outcome you are seeking by providing personalised, supportive legal guidance.

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How Can We Help?

MotoringOffences.com is part of JMW Solicitors, and we have represented clients since 1978. The members of our team have more than 100 years of combined experience in motoring law, and are the most experienced team in the country.

Our team is accredited by industry bodies such as Chambers and the Legal 500, and have a strong track record of helping people unjustly banned from driving on medical grounds. Examples include:

  • overturning the DVLA’s decision to revoke an HGV driver’s licence due to cough syncope. The case was challenged and the client had their licence returned
  • defending a driver against an alcohol misuse charge, which was incorrect as the date referred to was proven to be erroneous by the client’s own general practitioner
  • Helping a driver retain their licence after they lost consciousness at the wheel, an incident that the DVLA suggested was due to an unexplained health issue. It was later proven that this occurred due to a freak accident, allowing their licence to be returned

The head of our motoring department is Hojol Uddin, an experienced solicitor with a strong reputation in the field of DVLA medical revocation of driving licences. He has an in-depth knowledge of the DVLA’s Guidance on Fitness to Drive, and the process of challenging a revocation.

At every stage of the legal process, we will provide tailored legal advice that is suited to the specifics of your case, As part of our service, we will:

  • gather medical evidence that supports your case
  • assist you with the relevant paperwork and processes
  • advise you on the best legal defence and keep you informed on the process
  • represent you in court if necessary

Our dedication to accessibility and convenience means we are able to attend courts across England and Wales, and can take instructions by phone, email or in writing. Please note that a fee will be applicable, due to the specialism of such cases and the complexities involved in reviewing them.

Call us on 0345 241 1326 to arrange a consultation and we will be able to offer a more detailed estimate of the costs involved.

How Can I Contest a DVLA Medical Revocation?

If you hold a Group 1 driving licence (for cars and motorcycles) or a Group 2 licence (for large lorries and buses), the DVLA may determine that you are unfit to drive due to health-related reasons, and choose to revoke your licence.

The DVLA will investigate if the police, a doctor, or the driver themselves highlights a medical condition that could affect their fitness to drive. Examples of notifiable conditions include:

  • diabetes
  • syncope (fainting)
  • heart conditions
  • sleep apnoea
  • epilepsy
  • strokes
  • glaucoma

If you disagree with the reasoning behind a DVLA medical revocation, you have a right to appeal to the Magistrates Court against the decision. You may be able to get the revocation overturned if:

  • you can produce good-quality medical evidence that demonstrates your continued fitness to drive
  • it can be proven that the DVLA’s reasoning for disqualifying from driving was erroneous, or not supported by the facts

Losing your driving licence can cause significant inconvenience and hardship, potentially forcing you out of work or making your current living circumstances untenable. By consulting a specialist solicitor with expertise in motoring law, you can put together a strong defence and maximise your chances of getting the disqualification overturned.

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