Drunk In Charge

As well as the more usual case of drink driving a motorist can commit the offence of being drunk in charge or of being in charge over the limit.

Unlike drink driving the magistrates do not have to disqualify but usually will seriously consider doing so.

You can be guilty of this offence just by sitting in the car when over the limit. If it can be proved that there was no likelihood of you driving while you were still over the limit then there can be a defence.

We defend many of these cases and are used to obtaining the scientific evidence which is generally required to successfully challenge the prosecution.

These cases need handling with care from the very outset.

If you face prosecution for being in charge – CALL US IMMEDIATELY.

For more information please read the following National Sentencing Guidelines:
Excess alcohol (in charge)
Fail to provide specimen (in charge)
Unfit through drink/drugs (in charge)

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