Drunk/Drug Driving or In Charge of a Vehicle

A conviction for drink or drug driving can have utterly disastrous results: job loss, business failure, loss of home, marriage breakdown etc.  

We have vast experience in representing people from all walks of life faced with a drink driving charge.

We frequently deal with delicate situations in which drink is a major problem and are used to dealing with clients with an alcohol dependency.

In the absence of “Special Reasons” you would face a ban of at least 12 months even if you are just over the limit and a lot longer the higher the reading. We are well used to checking the evidence in cases involving the breath test and also blood and urine samples.  Loopholes still exist but you need to know how to spot them.

The court can consider prison in serious cases. Certain cases involve “Special Reasons” like the fact that you had only driven a very short distance or because of a dire medical emergency. Maybe someone laced your drink.  You may have heard of the “Hip Flask Defence”. This can apply if you have had a drink after the driving ceased.

If you are caught “In Charge” whilst over the limit there maybe a technical defence based on the likelihood of you driving whilst still over the limit.
Similar considerations apply in cases of Drug Driving.
In many cases a defence is only possible with expert scientific evidence and we know what evidence is needed and who to go to.

Once thing is certain -


Without it you will probably get it wrong and fail.


A ban – minimum 12 months and no upper limit + a fine, community penalty or prison.

For more information please read the following National Sentencing Guidelines:
Excess alcohol (drive/attempt to drive)
Fail to provide specimen (drive/attempt to drive)
Unfit through drink/drugs (drive/attempt to drive)

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