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Are you a driver who has been accused of a document offence? Were you caught driving without a valid licence, without paying road tax or having an uninsured vehicle without a statutory off road notification (SORN)?

Are you concerned about being hit with potentially damaging penalties, and unsure about whether you can defend yourself against the charge?

Do you require expert legal representation from experienced solicitors to help you potentially avoid a conviction?

If so, call the experts at We are the most experienced motoring offence solicitors in the UK, and can help you to achieve a favourable outcome by providing the personalised legal guidance you need.

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How Can We Help? is part of JMW Solicitors, and we have represented countless clients accused of failing to provide information since 1978. The members of our team have more than 100 years of combined experience in motoring law, making ours the most experienced team in the country in this field.

Our team is accredited by industry bodies such as Chambers and the Legal 500, and have a strong track record of successfully defending motorists accused of document offences. Examples include:

  • helping a defendant whose driving licence had expired, resulting in a prosecution. The matter was resolved without attendance at court as the case withdrawn, because it was not in the public interest to continue to prosecute
  • agreeing an out-of-court disposal to avoid criminal convictions for a doctor facing a number of DVLA prosecutions for failing to pay road tax
  • defending a client who received numerous penalties for having a vehicle uninsured, resolving the matter after identifying an error with the V5C logbook that led to the case being withdrawn

At every stage of the legal process, we will provide tailored legal advice that is suited to the specifics of your case. As part of our service, we will:

  • gather evidence that supports your case
  • assist you with the relevant paperwork and processes
  • advise you on the best legal defence and keep you informed on the process
  • represent you in court

Our dedication to accessibility and convenience means we are able to attend courts across England and Wales, and can take instructions by phone, email or in writing. Sometimes, it may be possible to persuade the prosecution to drop the case before it even goes to court.

Call us on 0345 241 1326 for a free initial consultation, and we will be able to offer a more detailed estimate of the costs involved.

How Can I Avoid a Penalty?

If you are charged with a document offence, it may be possible to defend yourself against the charges by providing a legally compelling counter-argument. These might include:

  • Your licence or documentation were revoked or invalidated without your knowledge, and without you having been properly notified
  • You were driving without an MOT because you were taking the vehicle to get an MOT at the time you were stopped
  • You have been erroneously charged with an offence due to a mistake on the part of the courts or police

By proving that you were not culpable for any issues arising from missing documentation, you may be able to avoid a conviction entirely. If any of these scenarios apply to you, can help you to build a compelling defence.

What Happens if I am Found Guilty of a Document Offence?

The penalty for being found guilty of a document offence depends on the type of documentation involved.

If you are caught driving without a licence, you may receive:

  • Between three and six penalty points, applicable from when you obtain a valid licence
  • A maximum fine of £1,000
  • A possible driving disqualification, enforceable at the point that you pass a driving test

If you are caught driving without a valid MOT, you may receive:

  • an automated fine of £100 sent to your address, which could increase to a maximum of £1,000 if you fail to pay it and the case goes to court
  • a clamp on your vehicle, which will not be removed until the correct amount of tax has been paid

It is also worth noting that some of these offences - such as driving without a licence - will invalidate the terms of your vehicle insurance, which means that you could also be penalised as an uninsured driver. For further information on defending against a charge of driving without insurance, click here.

Many of these penalties can cause significant inconvenience and financial hardship, especially if the additional points result in a driving ban or higher insurance premiums. This is why it is vital to consult a specialist solicitor with experience in motoring offence cases to help you put together a strong defence.

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