Dangerous Driving

Have you been accused of dangerous driving, and are now facing a fine, a driving ban, or even a prison sentence?

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How Can We Help?

MotoringOffences.com is part of JMW Solicitors. With more than 100 years of combined experience on our team, we are the most experienced motoring offences team in the country, and have been representing clients since 1978.

Our lawyers are accredited with bodies such as Chambers and the Legal 500, and have dealt with thousands of cases just like yours. We have a strong track record of delivering positive outcomes in dangerous driving cases, such as:

  • helping a driver caught speeding at 156 mph to avoid a dangerous driving charge, keeping the sentence down to a six-month driving ban
  • defended a client whose alcohol-influenced dangerous driving caused a serious accident with multiple injuries, reducing a potential 24 to 30-month jail sentence to eight months. The driver was ultimately released after two months with a home detention curfew
  • helping a defendant involved in a police chase for 36 minutes to avoid an immediate custodial sentence by having it suspended, as well as minimising the disqualification to 12 months
  • successfully defending a driver alleged to have dangerously overtaken an off-duty road policing officer, a charge that was contested at the Crown Court, leading to a “not guilty” verdict

The team can provide you with tailored legal support that takes into account the facts of your case, and are dedicated to helping you through every stage of the legal process.

We will:

  • assess all of the details of the incident in question and gather testimony from relevant witnesses
  • collect and review all of the scientific evidence to support your case
  • advise you on the best available defence
  • represent you in court and argue your case

We attend courts across England and Wales and can take instructions by phone, email or in writing in order to make our service as convenient and easy-to-use as possible. In many cases, we are able to persuade the prosecution to drop the case and avoid a court attendance altogether.

By calling us on 0345 241 1326, you will get a free initial consultation, during which we will offer a clear picture of the costs involved.

Can I Avoid a Disqualification?

Dangerous driving is considered to be a very serious offence, meaning you will need to put together a strong defence backed by plenty of evidence in order to avoid a harsh penalty.

Potential defences include:

  • arguing that your standard of driving did not fall below the level expected of a competent and careful driver
  • pushing for the offence to be reclassified from dangerous driving to careless driving, a far less serious crime that is penalised less severely
  • demonstrating that you lost control of the vehicle due to a previously unknown mechanical fault
  • highlighting circumstantial reasons to explain your driving conduct - for example, fleeing from the threat of violence
  • showing that you lost control of the vehicle due to a sudden medical issue that you had no way of expecting

Each of these defences needs to be argued carefully, backed by a strong understanding of motoring law. This is why it is essential to consult a specialist solicitor when trying to avoid a conviction for dangerous driving.

What Happens if I am Found Guilty of Dangerous Driving?

If you are found guilty of dangerous driving, you could face a number of serious legal penalties - especially if you are found to have caused a serious injury through your actions.

Penalties for dangerous driving include

  • a driving ban for a minimum of 12 months, with a requirement to complete an extended retest in order to get your licence back
  • a potentially unlimited fine
  • a community sentence, which might include community service work or a curfew requirement
  • a prison sentence of up to two years

If you have caused serious injury through dangerous driving, the length of this prison sentence could rise as high as five years.

These sentences are likely to be harsher if the prosecution is able to identify any factors to aggravate the offence, such as:

  • a past history of motoring offences
  • evasion of arrest
  • evidence of drinking or drug use
  • evidence that the incident was caused by a pre-existing medical condition that the driver was aware of
  • excessive speed
  • whether the victim was a vulnerable road user, such as a cyclist or pedestrian
  • other contributing factors, such as aggressive behaviour or the use of a mobile phone

Any of these punishments can have a serious impact on an individual’s personal and professional wellbeing, especially if a prison sentence is likely. By consulting a specialist solicitor, you can put together the strongest possible defence and avoid the worst of these outcomes.

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