Dangerous Driving

This is one of the most serious motoring offences and you really do need help if the police charge you with this.

The legal definition of Dangerous Driving can cover many situations which are on the borderline with the less serious offence of Driving Without Due Care and Attention.

The difference in terms of punishment can be huge – Dangerous Driving carries at least a one year ban and you have to take an extended re-test before you can drive again. It also carries the possibility of a prison sentence.

Dangerous Driving is so serious it can be dealt with in the Crown Court instead of the Magistrates Court.  
Even more serious is the offence of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving – a conviction almost always carries a prison sentence.

We very rarely advise a guilty plea to Dangerous Driving because the court has a power to hear the case and convict of the lesser offence of careless driving if it so wishes. We have successfully accomplished this on many occasions.


Ban – minimum 12 months + fine, community sentence or prison + extended re-test.

For more information please read the following National Sentencing Guidelines:
Dangerous driving

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