Accident Offences (Failing to Stop/Report) 

Have you been accused of failing to stop after a motoring accident, or failing to report the accident to the authorities?

Are you now facing a costly fine, a driving ban, or even the threat of a prison sentence as a result of this charge?

Do you wish to defend yourself against this accusation, and are seeking legal representation from a team of solicitors with specialist expertise to help you make your case as persuasively as possible?

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How Can We Help? is part of JMW Solicitors, and we have been representing clients since 1978. The members of our team have more than 100 years of combined experience in this area of law, making us the most experienced motoring offences team in the country.

With accreditations from industry bodies such as Chambers and the Legal 500, we are widely respected as industry experts, and have successfully defended countless motorists in a similar position to yours. These include:

  • defending a driver by proving that there was no accident nor any injury caused to the other driver, and therefore no requirement to stop or report
  • successfully representing a client involved in a minor collision without knowing it had even happened, making it impossible for them to stop or report

We will provide personalised assistance and support through every stage of the legal process, including:

  • gathering the strongest available evidence to support your case
  • providing you with advice on the best way of handling the police interview
  • advising you on the legal defence with the best chances of success
  • representing you in court and helping you argue your case

To make our services as accessible as possible, we attend courts across England and Wales, and can take instructions by phone, email or in writing. In some cases, it may be possible to persuade the prosecution to drop the case before it even goes to court.

Call us on 0345 241 1326 for a free initial consultation, and we will be able to offer a more detailed estimate of the costs involved.

How Can I Avoid a Penalty?

If you are involved in a motoring accident, you will be expected to stop and provide your details - including your name, address, vehicle registration number and insurance information - on request. If you fail to do this, and then do not report the accident to the authorities, then you have committed a criminal offence.

Successfully defending against an accident-related offence of this kind is possible if you are able to demonstrate that you were simply unaware that the accident had taken place. The burden of proof will be placed on you in this case, and you will need to show that it was reasonable for you to have missed the accident, given the circumstances.

If you failed to stop after an accident, you have a duty to report the accident to the police within 24 hours of the time of the incident. This needs to be done in person, as a simple phone call may not be sufficient.

What Happens if I am Found Guilty?

Accident offences are considered extremely serious, and the penalties associated with a guilty verdict are often severe. They can include:

  • fine of up to £5,000
  • The addition of between five and ten points to your driving licence
  • A potential driving ban, imposed at the discretion of the court based on the circumstances
  • Up to six months in prison, for the most serious offences

These penalties could cause a significant impact on your life and livelihood, potentially costing you your job and affecting your future prospects. If you have been accused of failing to report or stop for an accident, it is vital to consult a specialist solicitor with experience in motoring offence cases to help you put together a strong defence.

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