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We specialise exclusively in representing motorists and transport companies when they face prosecution.  We attend courts throughout England and Wales and we have specialist contacts in Scotland.  Our clients come from all over the country and even abroad.

The list of types of offence we defend is almost endless but we list below the more usual situations:-

Advice and representation on all aspects of drink driving cases and failing to provide a specimen.
Advice and representation on any speeding case from the receipt of notice of intended prosecution to court case.
Advice and representation on dangerous driving including Magistrates Court/Crown Court.
Advice and representation on cases of driving without due care and attention, without reasonable consideration including assessment of evidence etc.
Advice and representation on any insurance allegation including consideration of documents, evidence etc.
Assessment of correct position regarding penalty points, special reasons not to endorse, mitigating circumstances to avoid penalty points or disqualification.
Advice and representation on all aspects of disqualification including application to remove disqualification.
Analysis and advice regarding drivers’ hours/tachographs and representation at court.
Advice and representation on all aspects of defective vehicles, private and commercial, including representation at court.
Advice and representation regarding overloading of commercial vehicles including representation at court.
Advice on evidence and representation at Public Inquiry for disciplinary and environmental operator licensing cases.
Advice and representation on prosecutions for red light/traffic light offences.
Assessment of driving licence, penalty points and advice on totting up including representation at court to prove exceptional hardship.
Advice and representation for offences of being drunk in charge including defences available.
Assessment of police paperwork, advice on defences, representation at court for failing to provide information to police.
Advice and representation at court on all aspects of use of hand held mobile phones while driving.
Advice on effects of legislation and attempts to avoid the consequences of reaching six penalty points for new drivers.

Failing to Stop/Report
Advice and representation regarding all aspects of these serious offences. See Careless Driving.


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