Fees & Costs

Right at the outset you will be given a clear picture of our charges and, when you become a client, we will send you a comprehensive client care letter.  For the majority of cases we can work to an agreed fee but in some situations an hourly rate is applied.

When we have won a case we ask the court to make an order for costs to be paid from public funds. This will usually mean that you can be reimbursed at least part of what you have paid.  The amounts involved are decided by an independent agency of the courts.

We are in business for the sole purpose of defending the motorist. This will often mean taking technical points and making the prosecution prove its case if it can.  However we are not in the business of running a case just for fees. If we believe you should plead guilty or that we should attempt a compromise then we will tell you.

Sometimes a necessary part of our job is damage limitation to KEEP YOU ON THE ROAD. We will advise you on what evidence is needed including obtaining letters from employers, references etc.

We want you to have the best possible value for your money.

We are always happy to have an initial telephone discussion without charge, call us on 03452411326 or contact us via the form and we will call you back.

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